• Grounders in Paris: Thomas McDonell

    • On 13/05/2023
    • In News

    Thomas mcdonell grounders in paris
    We are very happy to welcome Thomas McDonell for Grounders in Paris on July 1 and 2, 2023!
    Thomas really wanted to come to meet you and we are delighted to have him among us :)

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  • Grounders Party

    • On 10/05/2023
    • In News

    Grounders party

    "Jus nou drein jus daun"

    After 7 seasons of wars and blood, it's time to move on to peace! Lay down the weapons and war paint to attend the Grounders Party which will be themed Flower Power: Peace and Love!

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  • Become exhibitor

    • On 05/05/2023
    • In News

    Annonce exposant re


    We welcome exhibitors to our events, whether you are creator, seller, artist or an association, and the universe interests you, please contact us by email :)

  • Grounders in Paris: Lindsey Morgan

    • On 23/04/2023
    • In News

    Lindsey morgan grounders in paris the 100

    We are thrilled to welcome Lindsey Morgan for Grounders in Paris on July 1 and 2, 2023!

    Lindsey is very happy to come and meet you after this long wait, she can't wait to share this weekend with you!

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  • Grounders in Paris: Exhibitor Mel'G Make up

    • On 16/04/2023
    • In News

    Gip exposant melg 1

    Mél' G Makeup Artist is a professional make-up artist specializing in the cinema industry.

    She will be present at Grounders in Paris on July 1 & 2, 2023 and will offer you a make-up / tattoo stand, whether for a make-up touch-up before your photoshoot, for a tattoo or for a Grounders-style make-up!

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  • Mail autographs on sale

    • On 13/04/2023
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    Annonce autos courrier

    Since 2020 we have been foster family for kittens/cats for the association le Chat libre Toulouse, today we have decided to help them carry out their actions thanks to our amazing guests received during our events!

    link to order mail autographs

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  • Grounders in Paris: Exhibitor Em'Custom Toys

    • On 05/04/2023
    • In News

    Gip exposant emcustom 1

    We are pleased to welcome Em'Custom Toys for Grounders in Paris, she will offer you a shop stand with custom Funko Pop figurines.

    A stock of figurines will be available on site. You also have the option of pre-ordering your figurine now and picking it up on site, or ordering it directly on site!

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  • Grounders in Paris: Preferential Rate

    • On 04/04/2023
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    Annonce marriott gip chambre

    The Marriott hotel offers you a preferential rate on the reservation of its rooms. 

    for one person: from 125€ per night
    for two people: from 135€ per night
    for three/four people: 155€ per night

    Breakfast included - excluding tourist tax

    To book: via this booking link