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Information relating to conventions


Main information

● ​What is a convention?
It is an event that brings together actors, actresses of a series with the fans, usually during a weekend. The days are organized with several activities: Q&A conferences; photoshoot sessions; autograph sessions; meetings (meeting with an actor in small groups); party theme evening; private lunch; games-animations... This is the opportunity to meet other fans of the series, and to live an unforgettable moment in the company of your favorite actors!

● Who are the guests of the conventions? What is the venue?
The guests are announced on the social networks, as negotiations and return of contracts. Find our confirmed guests on our website on the guests page of the event. Same for the venue, once announced you can find all the corresponding information on our site.

● What is a “pass”?
This is the ticket that will give you access to one or two convention days. Passes are available for purchase in the ticket shop. Once the pass is purchased, a nominative ticket will be sent to you by email within 14 days and must be presented on site to allow you to collect your badge on D-Day.

● What is an “extra”?
It is a ticket that allows you to complete your pass: a photoshoot, an autograph, a meeting, the party or other activity. Extras are available in our ticket shop. Attention to buy an extra you must first have a pass (or simultaneous purchase).

● Can the guests be approached?
Only pass holders will be able to access the convention in the presence of the guests, the extra sessions allow to spend a moment close to the guests. It is important to respect their tranquility especially during their breaks, they are invited only on the occasion of the convention to meet their fans.

● Can minors participate in the convention?
Yes, for those over the age of 12 an accompanying person is not required, but a parental discharge is required for those under the age of 18, to be completed by the parents/guardians and to be submitted on the day of the event.
For children under 12, access to the event is possible with a major person and parental discharge.
This type of event is not recommended for infants or young children because of the long days and noisy conferences.

● How is it for people with reduced mobility?
Please write us an email when ordering to inform us of your situation as well as the name/first name of your accompanying person.

● Do you have a loyalty program?
Yes, a loyalty program allowing you to accumulate points when ordering and then convert them into euros to use them as a reduction on your next orders.
We also offer a loyalty card offering you advantages depending on the number of participations in our events.
Find all the information on this page.

Ticket shop: Order / Payment

● How to pay?
Directly via our website in the ticket shop. Different means of payment are available to you: bank transfer or credit card (with a surcharge of 0.50€ for payment by CB).
It is important to indicate the order number corresponding in the title of the bank transfer.

● Why do I have to create an account on the site before I can place an order?
It is more convenient and reassuring that everyone has his customer space, it allows to have a summary of your orders and invoices.

● Is the pass reservation possible?
No, but you can pay in several time.

● How to benefit from the payment in several times?
Payment in several times is only possible with a payment by  bank transfer.
To benefit from it simply specify it when you order in the comment box, or by email within 24 hours. 
You must specify (in addition to the number of your order) the payment number in the details of the transfer (for example: payment 1/3, pyament 2/3..).
It is not possible to pay in several times by credit card.  You can find the payment facilities that we offer.

● Where will I receive my pass and extras?
You will receive by email a nominative ticket to print (corresponding to your pass) which must be presented on the day of the event with an identity document in order to collect your badge giving you access.
As for the extras (ordered or included in your pass) you do not receive tickets by email, only the nominative ticket + ID are needed, the extras tickets will be directly in your envelope on the day of the convention.

● I did not provide the correct information when placing my order (name of participant/address/day of the pass), how can I change it?
Simply write us an email within 48 hours of your order to give us the correct information.

● Is it possible to buy one of the cheapest passes and then change it with a more expensive pass?
Yes it is possible to change to a more complete pass, within the limit of available stocks. You can directly find the 'upgrade' in the section passes of our ticket shop.

● Is it possible to change the day of the purchased pass (Saturday/Sunday)?
In the limit of available stocks and at least one month before the convention, please write us an email.

● I want to take a Sunday pass , is it possible to take part in the Saturday party?
Yes, you must notify us by email at the latest 72 hours before the event and arrive at the time of the start of the Saturday party (only) to collect your badge at that time.

● Is it possible to purchase the pass and extras in the same order?
Yes, of course. To be able to order extras, you must have bought a pass before, or buy it at the same time as the extras (under penalty of non-refundation).

● My order is still pending processing, I have sent my payment, how do I know if my payment has been received?
If you do not receive an email to confirm receipt of your payment (order being processed) within 15 days, please write us an email.
For payments in several times, the payment indicated as received on your order will be after receipt of your last payment, in the meantime your order will be noted while processing with a payment pending.

● I am worried because I did not receive my nominative ticket while I sent my payment and my order is being processed, what should I do?
A delay of a few days is necessary after sending your payment to have your order validated. If it has been more than 15 days since you sent your payment, please write us an email.

● What are the conditions for taking advantage of current promotions on the ticket shop?
If you have benefited from promotions, in order for your order to be validated it is necessary that your payment is sent within 72 hours maximum (for the bank transfers a proof of sending may be requested).
You can benefit from the payment in several times during the promotions.

● I have a promotion code, what are the conditions to use it?
The promotion codes are not cumulative between them, and a promotion code is not cumulative with other current promotions in the ticket shop.
They can only be used on the passes/extras categories indicated during the transmission of the code, as well as until the indicated date. If you are missing information, you can contact us by email. You can benefit from the payment in several times with the use of a promotion code.

● Is it possible to choose the day of my extras? and those included in my pass?
For extras purchased in addition to the pass, you can directly select the desired day when adding the item to the cart.
If you do not select a specific day during the purchase and you have a two-day pass and several extras, they will be spread over the two days.
For the extras included in the passes, they will be spread over the two days, except if your transportation or other does not allow you to participate in the two full days, in this case please write us an email at least 7 days before the convention, to warn us to put your extras on one day.

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Activities / On-site

● What is a photoshoot? (simple, duo, group)
A photo of you with one or more of the guests, taken by a professional photographer with a neutral color studio background. The photo printed on photo paper will be given to you on site.

● Is it possible to pose with friends with the guests on the photoshoots?
- For simple photoshoots: everyone must have a ticket extra photoshoot
- For duos/trios photoshoots: everyone must have a ticket extra duo/trio photoshoot
- For group photoshoots: this extra is valid for two people.
Additional print tickets will be available for sale on site.

● Are autographs “customizable”?
Yes, our guests will ask for your name and might write an additional message. A translator will be present to help you if necessary.

● What is the autograph support included with the autograph?
It is an official printed photo of the actor (A5).

● What supports are allowed for autographs?
Supports sold on site (or included with the autograph), a neutral support (example: white paper), or an official support (example: magazine, dvd, poster, etc.).

● What is a meeting?
It is a private meeting with the guest in a small group lasting about 20 minutes. One meeting per day is scheduled for each guest (except announcement to the contrary).
It is a friendly time and the opportunity to ask your questions directly to the guest. A translator will be present. A souvenir group photo will be taken.

● What is the Saturday party?
We invite you to participate in a themed party at the event. Guest are present for part of the evening (generaly one hour). Accessories and animations are waiting for you!
Available as an extra in our ticket shop after the announcement.

● How do conferences (also known as panels or Q&A) work?
The guests will be on stage, you can ask them questions about the serie or their career for example. A translator will be present.

● How does a private activity (meeting, meal, aperitif) take place?
It is a small group moment, it is an opportunity to ask your questions to the guest, we advise to prepare in advance your questions/topics of discussion. A translator will be present.
Photos and gifts are prohibited during these activities. A souvenir photo will be taken by a member of our team.

● Are there English/French translators at the convention?
Yes, during all the activities where the guest are present.

● Are gifts for guests accepted?
Yes only during autograph sessions, and being reasonable (too big, displaced…). The handing over of gifts is not allowed to another activity to prevent it from being misplaced.

● Is it possible to chat with the actors during photoshoots/ autographs?
No, meetings are for that and the schedule must be respected, however you can of course exchange a few words with them.

● Is it possible to have your printed photo of the convention signed during an autograph session?
To guarantee that your printed photo can be signed by the guest, you must have a two-day pass, buy your photoshoot on Saturday and autograph on Sunday.

● Is it possible to take a picture with the actors with your mobile phone/camera?
No, photos in the company of guests are prohibited under penalty of exclusion, they are available only by buying an extra photoshoot.
Photographers will be there to take pictures (and videos) during the weekend to capture certain moments (and post them online afterwards)!

● Are there any activities during the convention?
Yes many games and animations related to the series will be offered during the weekend. These activities are generally different on the two days.

● How to get my pass the day of the convention?
A nominative ticket to print is sent to you by email within 14 days after receipt of payment for your pass. You will need to present it to the front desk on the day of the convention with your ID. A badge giving you access to the convention will be given to you in exchange, as well as an envelope (containing your extra tickets). No other ticket is needed than the nominative one received by email.

Further information to pick up your badge:
- The collect of badges takes place in the morning ​before the event (and the day before, depending on the possibilities), the exact times will be communicated shortly before.
- For late arrivals who cannot arrive before the begining of the event, you can pick up your badge and envelope at our shop throughout the day.
- The collect of Sunday badges will take place the same morning, except for participants who have purchased the extra saturday party who will be able to collect the pass and envelope on Saturday evening at the start of the evening
- If you have purchased more than 3 additional extras we ask you to write down on a sheet or your telephone, all the order numbers and corresponding extras in order to be able to check more easily and to avoid any errors.
- To collect your badge + envelope on the day of the convention, you will need to bring your printed nominative ticket and an ID.
- Minor participants, do not forget to bring the completed parental discharge even if you sent it to us by email.
- To collect a friend's badges and envelopes, you must present yourself with a photocopy of their ID, written authorization from them and their printed nominative ticket (and parental release if the participant is a minor).
- Check ALL your extra tickets when you receive your badge because after verification and your signature, no exchange or addition can be made.
- Only people with a nominative ticket will be able to access the delivery of badges and the shop area, as well as the convention, all accompanying persons (parents, friends ...) must stay outside the convention area.

● What are the schedules?
The exact start and end times of the convention will be communicated shortly before the event, at the same time as the day schedule.
Approximately our conventions start between 8:30am and 10am and end between 6pm and 7pm.
For participants coming by plane, train, carpool, we suggest you book your return as late as possible.

● Is it possible to have the digital versions of the photoshoots taken during the convention?
The digital JPEG versions of your photoshoots will be available for purchase in our ticket shop a few days after the convention.

● If I have to leave early and cannot retrieve my printed photos, will they be mailed?
No, we leave up to 45min/1h after the end of the event to print all the photos of the convention. If you need to leave early and your photoshoots have not been printed, it will be up to you to find someone at the convention who can mail them to you.

● Is it possible to ask the guests to leave an oral message to a friend who is not present at the convention during conferences or other activities?
No, conferences are for attendees and registration is not permitted during any other activity. However it is possible to have an autograph signed for a friend.

● Is it possible to record my conversation during activities (autographs, meetings etc) with my phone/dictaphone?
No, like photos or videos audio recordings are not allowed. Any online publication will be subject to prosecution. 

● Is it possible to walk around the convention site during the extra sessions?
No, you must absolutely stay in the conference room or shop area or you will miss your extra session. If you are not in the conference room or shop area and you miss one of your extras you will not be able to catch it later, nor be refunded and we will not be held liable.


If your question is not in the FAQ, please write us an email through our contact form.