• On 29/10/2022
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Wolfies in Toulouse - Teen Wolf convention

Thank you 1000 times for this INTENSE and out of time weekend that you made us live!

You have been exceptional, caring, respectful, patient, smiling, it was only happiness to see you and to be reunited between Wolfies!

We caught up with people who were at our first events a few years ago and met some awesome new Wolfies! Thanks to you we made the event we wanted: simple, friendly and full of fun (and candies)!

A big thank you to the exceptional exhibitors and speakers we received:

> Mel'G Makeup Artist : a talented Wolfie who has been following us for several years and who always offers you superb tattoos and make-up related to the series, it's a pleasure to welcome you and see you again every time!

> Manushkamouth Custom: we are delighted to have welcomed you with your good humor and your superb creations!

> The Naaki Comminges Lacrosse team: all as funny as Stiles, you shared your passion for Lacrosse with incredible energy and good humor, we are proud to have welcomed you to discover the sport of the series surrounded by your kindness!

> Mister Geek shop: thank you for offering flavors from elsewhere as well as all your articles dedicated to pop culture, it was a great pleasure to welcome you as always!

> All Stars Show: thank you for your great animations and your motivation, you contributed make the Wolfies have a great time so a big thank you!

> Center Thiêu Lâm: a huge thank you for sharing your passion, the initiation to lightsabers, and above all thank you for your breathtaking demonstration!

You are all extremely talented, we are really proud to have welcomed you, thank you also for having performed this demonstration on the songs of the series, it was an incredible moment appreciated by all!

> Mci Danse: a thousand thanks to Cindy and her incredible dancers who worked on this incredible choreography in ONLY 7 days!!! You are all talented, smiling and captivating, real dance stars! We are very very happy to have received you and to have been able to share this incredible moment, you have put stars in our eyes!

A huge thank you to all the members of Reunited Events old and new, friends and family, you are all incredible, always ready to follow us in all our crazy adventures, to make us laugh and support us, it was a pleasure to be reunited with you for this memorable weekend, know that we love you our Team RE!

And finally thank you to the real “stars” of the weekend, our 4 fantastic guests! It was a real pleasure to have Melissa, Ryan, Max and Andrew for this reunion between Wolfies, they all loved spending this weekend with you, meeting you or seeing you again, they as always spread love and kindness throughout of the weekend!

We will never be able to tell you how grateful and honored we are to have brought the Wolfies together for the eighth time, we are even more looking forward to seeing you again for the Wolfies In Paris on February 18 and 19, 2023!

Thank you for everything Wolfies, we love you!