Wolfies in Toulouse

  • On 23/12/2021
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Wolfies in toulouse en

We are delighted to present "Wolfies in Toulouse", an event totally dedicated to the Teen Wolf universe!

Seven years ago, the first French convention dedicated to the series took place in Toulouse, followed by six editions, each more memorable than the last, you may have participated in one or more of them, then the years have passed, some of you have kept the same passion for the series or the actors, others now have other passions or projects.

Today we meet you on October 22 and 23, 2022 in Toulouse to celebrate the series, to meet once again between Wolfies, to remember all the moments we spent together and to create new memories!

Conferences, photoshoots, autographs, meetings, stands, games and lots of surprises await you. We hope you, like us, are looking forward to it