Wolfies Meet Grounders: Paige Turco

  • On 01/07/2024
  • In News

Affiche guest wmg paige turco paris 2025We are thrilled to welcome Paige Turco for ‘Wolfies meet Grounders’ on February 22 and 23, 2025 in Paris !

We should have welcomed her one year ago for the GIP but unfortunately she had to cancel a few days before the event, we promised you that we would invite her again, so we are really delighted to finally be able to offer the opportunity for grounders to meet or see her again  !

Paige loves Paris and spending time with the Grounders, she is very excited to come for this weekend with you :)

Paige’s extras are included in passes containing extras and will be available (for all passes) at the ticket shop opening with reduced rates or extras offered on passes, in pre-sale from July 17 to August 7!