The extras

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Extras are tickets to participate in activities during the event.
They are to be added in addition to the pass, without possession of a pass the extras are not valid.
Available in our ticket shop.

Guest ryan kelley wolfies paris teen wolf 2


◆ Photoshoot 45€
◆ Autographe 30€
◆ Selfie 40€
◆ Meeting
◆ Videobooth 360°
◆ Pack

◆ Mail autograph


Guest lindsey morgan grounders paris the 100


◆ Photoshoot 50€
◆ Autograph 40€
◆ Selfie 45€

◆ Meeting
◆ Vidéobooth 360°
◆ Pack

◆ Mail Autograph


Guest paige turco grounders paris the 100 convention


◆ Photoshoot 45€
◆ Autograph 35€
◆ Selfie 40€

◆ Meeting
◆ Vidéobooth 360°
◆ Pack

◆ Mail Autograph


Coming soon


✦ Photoshoots

Simple: This is a photo of you with one of the guests, taken by a professional photographer with a studio background.
Duo/Trio: with two/three guests.
Group: with all the guests, this is valid for two participants (one print).

Photoshoots are printed on photo paper and given on site.
Additional prints will be available for sale.
The digital version (jpg) of your photos will be available in our box shop after the event.

✦ Autograph

A personalized dedice from one of the guests, delivered by hand.
Printed photos of the guests to use as autograph support will be available on site.
A translator will be present.

✦ Meeting

A private meeting with the guest in a small group of about 20 people and lasting about 20 minutes.
One meeting per day is scheduled for each guest (except contrary announcement).
It's a friendly moment and an opportunity to ask your questions directly. A translator will be present.
A souvenir group photo will be taken.

✦ Seflie

A selfie is a photo of you and the guest taken with your phone.
This extra will have a dedicated session.

✦ Videobooth 360°

Participate in aninteractive activity!
Step onto the platform and a rotating camera records incredible 360° video with a slow motion + boomerang effects!

Extra available with the guests, and between participants.

Videobooth with the guest valid for 1 person, possibility of being up to 3 by purchasing an extra ticket per person.
Videobooth between participants valid for 1 to 3 persons with the same ticket.

✦ Party

The special party will take place on Saturday with a theme in the universe of the series, activities such as a costume contest or makeup stand will be planned, cocktails, music, decoration in the theme, enough to spend an evening memorable! Guests will be present for approximately an hour.
Limited places.

✦ Apéritif

Lasting approximately 30 minutes, it is a small committee meeting, in the presence of all the guests, with some snacks and drinks.
A translator will be present. A souvenir group photo will be taken.
Very limited places.

✦ Lunch time

The opportunity to share a unique moment with the guests during a meal that will take place at noon.
A translator will be present. A souvenir group photo will be taken.
Very limited places. Extra limited to one session in the weekend.

✦ Guest Pack

The guest pack includes a combination of extras from the same guest.

✦ Mail Autograph
Extra for people who cannot attend the event.
Personalized autograph from one of the guests, to be received at your home.

Payment in several installments possible from 80€: info
Prices for solo photoshoots, autographs and selfies extras may increase by 5€ from January 6, 2025.