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  • On 21/10/2023
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Find all the info and rules about the event.

Hello Wolfies !

Please read the information below carefully before coming to WOLFIES IN PARIS.





Distribution of badges:

You can pick up your badge and your extras pocket in the lobby of the event area on Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00, and on Sunday from 9:00. to 10:00.

Sunday passes will only be able to collect their badge on Sunday - EXCEPT for those in possession of the extra Wolfies Party, who will be able to collect their badge and extra evening from 21:00 in the reception area, however you will have to show up on Sunday morning in order to collect your extras.

For latecomers who cannot arrive before 10:00, you can pick up your badge and pocket at our shop all day long.


Reminders: To retrieve your badge + pocket containing the extras purchased or included, you will need to have your printed nominative ticket and an identity document.

Minor participants, do not forget to bring the completed and signed parental waiver.

To collect the badge and pocket of a friend, you must present a photocopy of its identity document, written authorization from your friend and its nominative ticket (and parental discharge if the participant is a minor).


Check your extra tickets carefully when you receive your badge because after verification and signature no exchange or addition can be made.

If you have purchased more than 3 additional extras, we ask that you write down on a sheet or on your phone, all the order numbers and corresponding extras in order to avoid any issue, if this is not done and your pocket contains an error we will ask you to take the time to do it and to come back when it is done in order to avoid waiting at the badge collection stands.

Once you have your extras, we strongly advise you to note your badge number on the back of each of your tickets.


Only people with a nominative ticket will be able to access the badge distribution and the shop area, as well as the event, all accompanying persons (parents, friends, etc.) must remain outside the dedicated area at the event.




-Once you have collected your badge, bracelet and pocket containing your extras, you will have to go to the main room, a member of our team will accompany you to place you in your pass area.

-Placement is free in each pass zone, however you will have to keep your place throughout the day. We are counting on your good faith not to take the place of another participant during the day.

-Seats in the conference room will be indicated by row so that Alpha passes are in the front rows, Rember passes behind and so on. It will not be possible to place you in a row higher than your pass, and you will have to keep this place for the day.

-Checks will take place several times to check the correct placement in each area.


Information about the process:

- The Atrium hotel has private parking at 10€ per day (preferential rate on presentation of your badge)

- The part dedicated to the event will be closed during the meal break.

- For lunch, the hotel will offer you several meal choices in their Market section (Pasta box, sandwiches, salads, etc.)

-The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar.

Other food outlets are nearby, you can go out and come back.


All information is available on our website: 



The extras sessions:

-In order to respect the schedules of the two days, you will find on the back of your extras an M or an A which correspond to Morning or Afternoon, you will have to go to the corresponding letter, if you have an M extra ticket you will have to go to the morning session, at the risk of seeing your extra canceled for the afternoon. If there is no M or A on your extra, you can go on to the session of your choice.


- Calls for extras will take place on the screen in the main room and on the Twitter account: @teenwolfcon

We remind you that we are not responsible if you miss an extra session, so be careful and check the extra calls in progress so as not to miss a session. Don't just rely on the schedule which can change for different reasons during the day.


To ensure that the spaces in the extra rooms are not overcrowded, it is forbidden to go to the extras section if you do not have the extra taking place at that time and if your pass category has not been called.


Several members of the team will carry out a check during each call to verify that only the passes and ranks called have access to the extras rooms.

Once your extra is done, you will have to go directly to the conference room (unless indicated by the staff to go to another session in progress). Friends/relatives who do not have extras will not be able to accompany you during the various extras sessions.


-If you are not in the conference room when the extras call and you miss your extra it will not be possible to do it later or get a refund. Please note that extra sessions may be delayed or brought forward, so be careful!

-Unfortunately the time spent by each participant is limited to photoshoots, autographs or selfie sessions so that the day's schedule can be respected.

- Gifts/fanbooks are to be given during autograph sessions only.

-If you wish to exchange more than a few words with one of the guests, we suggest the meeting where you can chat, or to write them a letter to give to them during the autograph sessions (only).

-Remember to prepare your pose before arriving in front of the guest.

-If the image is on your phone, our team member will show it to the guest; in the event of abuse, cell phones will be completely prohibited in the extras rooms.

-Note that certain poses may be refused.

-If no pose is chosen before your arrival in front of the guest you will have the choice between a selection, if you do not choose one, our team member or the guest will choose it for you.

-Video recordings are prohibited during selfies, note that in the event of abuse the selfies may be taken by a member of our team with your cell phone or replaced by a normal photoshoot, so we are counting on you to respect the rules on site and the actors.

We specify that photos, videos and recordings of guests during extra sessions are strictly prohibited, it is only authorized in the conference room, we ask you to respect this and not to try by all means to take photos, videos or record guests under penalty of exclusion, without refund. Please note we will apply zero tolerance, there will be few warnings before exclusion. This rule is mainly for the respect of the guests that we welcome who do not have to be filmed without their knowledge, we therefore ask you to please respect them, even more during the SAG STRIKE period.

Photographers/videographers will be there to capture some of your moments, so we’re counting on you Wolfies!



- Remember to always have your badge around your neck and your bracelet (party included).

- Our team will be there to answer your questions throughout the weekend.

- Extras will be on sale (in limited quantities) on site at our shop.

Payments by credit card and cash will be accepted, but not payments by check.


We have some surprises planned for you:

> The Raffle with one draw per day, many prizes will be up for grabs! DRAW around 12:00.

> Photobooths and many accessories (various balloons, fun glasses, flower necklaces, etc.) to add fun to your photoshoots!

> Many games and activities await you on site, get ready to test your knowledge of the series and win gifts!

Kelly and Thomas will offer you activities around the series such as: Loup Garou, Quiz, Karaoke and many others!

> An introduction to archery will be offered to you on both days, afternoons, with Les Archers de Beauchamp, it will take place outdoors within the Atrium hotel.

> The VOVINAM Viet Vo Dao association will offer you demonstrations and initiations of various Martial Arts on Sunday afternoon!


Stands exhibitors:

You will also be able to find several exhibitor stands:

>Mel'G Make up: Makeup & tattoo stand on the universe of the series (Days + Grounders Party)

>Leuwkings: Shop dedicated in the personalization of clothing and accessories

>Em' Custom Toys: Shop for custom Funko pop figurines, wood engraving and other creations around the series.

>Custom Series: Boutique clothing and accessories

>Ephsee & Lilith Jewelry: silver jewelry shop and realistic pencil portraits




Wolfies Party Info:

Meet at 21:00 in the hotel reception hall with your ID, badge and party ticket.

An unlimited SOFT drinks stand will be available from 21:00 to 23:00. After 23:00 drinks must be purchased at the hotel bar.


We will also offer you an Alpha blood bag (Punch) and an injection of mountain ash (punch) per person, alcohol will not be served in the presence of the guests, but upon their departure.


We remind you that guests will be present for at least one hour in the evening. Photos/videos/recordings of guests are prohibited.


The guests will be there to have fun with you, please respect a certain distance so that they are comfortable to stay chatting or dancing without feeling oppressed :)


Do not hesitate to notify a member of the team if certain participants are taking too much time with a guest and you do not have the opportunity to approach them.


If you purchased a pass for another participant, please forward this email to them.


Do not hesitate to join the Facebook group dedicated to the event:  


We want to tell you that working on this event has been a pleasure, we put all our heart and energy, we will do our best that all the Wolfies spend an unforgatable weekend and hope to put sparkles in your eyes!