Wolfies Party

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Wolfies, are you ready for an evening like no other?
Imagine yourself at the prom about to elect the King or Queen of the Wolfies, when suddenly, the creatures of Beacon Hills arrive to transform your magical evening into a
bloody night!
This is what awaits you at the Wolfies Party!
Meet us at the first quarter moon on Saturday October 21 from 21:00 until midnight.

We have everything planned, a terrifying atmosphere,
Alpha blood bags to give you strength and Mountain ash syringes to protect you.
This is the opportunity for you to get creative with your disguises, whether you prefer classic ball outfit, bloody characters, supernatural creatures...
And if you don't have the inspiration or the time,
Mél'G Make up artist will be there to offer you makeup and tattoos that will perhaps help you survive the night...

We know from a reliable source that a
Hellhound, werewolves, hunters and even a kistune will be present for 1 hour in the evening (you will have understood, the guests will be present at the evening for 1 hour minimum - except Holland who can't come)!
Of course despite all this horror, good humor will always be present!

So will you dare to come alone or will you recruit your own pack of supernatural creatures?

A competition will take place to choose the best disguises of the evening!

Drinks: An open bar of soft drinks will be offered to you, in addition to an Alpha blood bag.
Alcohol is not permitted before and during the presence of guests at the Wolfies Party, but Mountain ash syringes (alcohol) will be offered after (+18 only). 

Instinct Sunday pass holders have the possibility to purchase this extra, you will need to present yourself at the time of the evening with your nominative ticket and ID.